Free Junk Removal

Metal Recyling Debris for FreeIf the junk you have consists of metal or other recyclables you can definitely take advantage of our free junk removal service. The reason we can offer this service for free is due to the inherent value of the metal being hauled away.

Some metals are more valuable than others. Stainless steel for example can be 20 times more valuable than iron or tin. Copper can be 5 to 10 times more valuable than stainless steel. Brass is another valuable metal that is somewhere between copper and stainless steel as far as price.

The price of metal recycling is done by the pound or by the one hundred pounds. This is how the metal recycling yards calculate the value. Every metal is calculated based on weight.

When we estimate a job that has a significant amount of recyclables, we take the cost of the junk removal and subtract the estimated value of the metals. if the value of the metals are the same as what we would charge to haul the material to the dump, the job will be done for free.

If you have some metals but not enough to offset the total cost of the removal, then a significant discount will be applied to your invoice to offset the value. This is a great way to reduce the price of your next junk removal project.

The price of metals are always fluctuating and can change from day-to-day. I have seen the price of copper around $6 a pound only to plummet down to $3 per pound around a year later. You can check the price of metals online or by calling a scrap yard for the current price per pound of metal.

Using the value of recyclables is an excellent way to reduce your junk removal bill or outright eliminate it. If you have valuable metals such as tin, aluminum, stainless steel, brass or copper and need it gone we can estimate a value for you and provide a free junk pick up estimate for their removal.